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Ah, a rare sight in combination with the word sexy. Too often I have the feeling, that people who take nude photos have the urge to throw in the word "sexy" when deep down in their core the know it's anything but. Brassy comes to mind, or vulgar or tasteless.

But this here is very sexy. And done in style. Very nice. I like the light and the whiteness of it. Everything is almost blending out into whiteness, but all the contours are still there. The sharpness is pretty amazing. What lens did you use, what camera?

Also I like the artistic approach to the nudeness in this photo. She is nude, and she doesn't hide it. I don't have to ask myself, why did she walk nude in front of the camera, if she doesn't want to show anything? Yet, I don't get her nudeness shoved down my throat either. This is something I could hang up on a wall :-)

The girl is a bit darker than the couch or the wall, making her stand out. And she is just super. She has a very strong but calm presence. The face is so perfectly cut, it's almost aristocratic. The long hair is nice. The dark eyes look right out of my display. Her body is well toned, she must be doing ballet?
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